2. Hand Switchgear Automation Product Returns

You can return your purchased product within 7 days from the day you received the cargo by applying to secondelsaltot within the following conditions. In this context, you do not pay any “shipping charge için for the products you send back.

- Refunds are absolute if any- original box / packing / crate etc. and should be done together with the bill.

- All standard accessories are undamaged and must be shipped fully with the original packages.


- Telephone, camera, portable and video electronic devices and so on. for; the protective tape on the product display must not be removed.

- Scratches, damage, shock, liquid contact, etc. on the display and elsewhere in the device. should not be.

- Products which are prepared in accordance with the consumer's special requests or expressly her personal needs, which are not suitable for return by nature, cannot be returned..